The EcoChic Design Award

April 24, 2015  by Liis Remmelg

Turning Trash to Treasure, Upcycling Project Inspiration

November 01, 2014  by Liis Remmelg

Trash to Trend participated on an event called ''Culturability BSR''

July 08, 2014  by Liis Remmelg

SINCE design - new designer on Trash to Trend web shop

June 16, 2014  by Liis Remmelg

Trash To Trend promoting young new upcycling designers together with the Redress campaign

November 15, 2013  by Ann Runnel

The TTT team has been busy

October 25, 2013  by Ann Runnel

Para-Production: Where Manufacturing Leftovers Meet Art

September 16, 2013  by Rachel Kinbar

Broken cameras -> sleep lamps

September 02, 2013  by Rachel Kinbar

Lessons learned from textile waste workshops

August 19, 2013  by Miina Leesment

A Fantastic, Floating Dome

August 16, 2013  by Rachel Kinbar

The Redress 365 Challenge

August 15, 2013  by Rachel Kinbar

Friends made in Berlin

July 18, 2013  by Ann Runnel

All set for Berlin

July 02, 2013  by Ann Runnel

The new breathing of Trash to Trend

June 12, 2013  by Ann Runnel